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in Office Supplies & Interiors October 8, 2018

Free coffee in the workplace? Here's why you should consider it.

Coffee. A simple pleasure that makes the working week that bit more manageable. In fact, a whopping 65% of workers drink coffee in their workplace. For those 65%, it can total to an average of 3 cups a day which most say they couldn’t live without. So, more likely than not, your employees will fall within these statistics, and with rising prices from coffee giants like Costa and Starbucks, it should be within your best interest to help your employees, and save them some money by providing free coffee in the workplace.

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in Office Supplies & Interiors October 1, 2018

Why the nation loves stationery

In this age of digital, where children learn how to use a tablet before they learn to use a pen, why do people still have a soft spot for stationery? If you really think about the age we live in, I’m sure it wouldn’t have surprised you if stationery had gone extinct, much like video tapes or typewriters. But surprisingly enough, it lives on - and prospers for that matter. The nation still loves stationery. Whether it be pens, paperclips, post it notes, notebooks, journals or ring binders - stationery brands are seeing a continued growth within the UK. So, we decided to delve into the reasoning behind this, and find out what the real reasons are behind the UK’s stationery obsession.

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in Office Supplies & Interiors September 24, 2018

What you never knew about colour in the workplace

When sitting at your desk, have you ever wondered if there was any rhyme or reason behind the colours in your office, and whether they actually have any real impact on you? The psychology of colour in the workplace has in fact been studied for many years in the hopes of finding the optimum working environment which improves productivity, efficiency and positivity. As such, many a big brand has used the psychology of colour to design their offices in the hopes of improving the moods of their employees and customers.

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in Office Supplies & Interiors August 20, 2018

What does your reception say about you?

Just picture this – you’re going for a meeting with a company who want to present you with an exciting proposal to re-vamp your website. From their corporate brochure, website and email correspondence, you are overwhelmed with the feeling that their culture is fuelled by technology and innovation. You receive the address via email, key it into your Sat Nav and arrive 15 minutes early for your meeting. Walking up to the building, it seems rather dated but you’re sure they are utilising juxtaposition and you’ll be wowed off your feet any minute now. You were wrong. You walk into the Reception area which can only be compared to the likes of an 80’s hospital waiting room. It just doesn’t fit, it doesn’t make sense, you actually feel like you’ve came to the wrong place as you frantically check the email in which they confirmed their address. Was everything you’d seen before a fraud?

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in Office Supplies & Interiors July 2, 2018

Filing Faux Pas

Seemingly, the average worker wastes up to 50 minutes per day searching for misplaced files amongst many other items. This equates to over 4 HOURS in the average working week! The team here at Active Office know your time is precious. So, let us give you that four hours back every week to plan your next big business breakthrough instead! We provide a fantastic range of storage and filing solutions that could change the way your office works. Contact one of our expert furniture team today!

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in Office Supplies & Interiors April 30, 2018

Now Even Easier to Buy Online

Say hello to our new online office supplies shop! We have redesigned the website and ensured that it is fully mobile responsive to make it EVEN easier for you to order your office supplies online. From stationery to furniture; packaging to workwear; catering to janitorial - our full range of business supplies are available to purchase online with many items available for next day delivery.

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in Office Supplies & Interiors April 10, 2018

Innovative Workwear Solutions

Hard hats have been around since 1912, and the thermoplastic design we know today hasn't changed much since it was developed in the 1950's...until now. Always looking for innovative solutions, our workwear team now offers see through hard hats, to make visibility better and working on site safer.

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