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in Office Supplies & Interiors October 8, 2018

Free coffee in the workplace? Here's why you should consider it.

Coffee. A simple pleasure that makes the working week that bit more manageable. In fact, a whopping 65% of workers drink coffee in their workplace. For those 65%, it can total to an average of 3 cups a day which most say they couldn’t live without. So, more likely than not, your employees will fall within these statistics, and with rising prices from coffee giants like Costa and Starbucks, it should be within your best interest to help your employees, and save them some money by providing free coffee in the workplace.

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in Office Supplies & Interiors October 1, 2018

Why the nation loves stationery

In this age of digital, where children learn how to use a tablet before they learn to use a pen, why do people still have a soft spot for stationery? If you really think about the age we live in, I’m sure it wouldn’t have surprised you if stationery had gone extinct, much like video tapes or typewriters. But surprisingly enough, it lives on - and prospers for that matter. The nation still loves stationery. Whether it be pens, paperclips, post it notes, notebooks, journals or ring binders - stationery brands are seeing a continued growth within the UK. So, we decided to delve into the reasoning behind this, and find out what the real reasons are behind the UK’s stationery obsession.

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in Office Supplies & Interiors September 24, 2018

What you never knew about colour in the workplace

When sitting at your desk, have you ever wondered if there was any rhyme or reason behind the colours in your office, and whether they actually have any real impact on you? The psychology of colour in the workplace has in fact been studied for many years in the hopes of finding the optimum working environment which improves productivity, efficiency and positivity. As such, many a big brand has used the psychology of colour to design their offices in the hopes of improving the moods of their employees and customers.

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in IT & Document Solutions September 17, 2018

Get Remote Worker Ready

As discussed in one of our previous blogs - 5 reasons why remote working could benefit your business - the rise of the remote worker may be one of the most significant changes in the business industry today. It’s grown so substantially – in what feels like just overnight - that if your company hasn’t prepared itself yet, it could face being left behind in the traditional office dark ages. Don’t worry too much though, this blog aims to give you an insight into the 4 basics your business needs to become remote worker ready.

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in IT & Document Solutions September 10, 2018

Is Managed Print Services (MPS) For You?

Traditionally, companies would have to buy numerous printers, scanners and photocopiers for different departments, and more often than not for individual office rooms as well. Once these were installed, it would usually be the IT department who would take responsibility for the upkeep of these machines, including ordering ink, toner and cartridges. They would also need to ensure that the software is up to date and the printer hardware is maintained to the highest of standards. This can take time and effort that sometimes an internal IT department cannot consistently commit to.

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in Office Supplies & Interiors August 20, 2018

What does your reception say about you?

Just picture this – you’re going for a meeting with a company who want to present you with an exciting proposal to re-vamp your website. From their corporate brochure, website and email correspondence, you are overwhelmed with the feeling that their culture is fuelled by technology and innovation. You receive the address via email, key it into your Sat Nav and arrive 15 minutes early for your meeting. Walking up to the building, it seems rather dated but you’re sure they are utilising juxtaposition and you’ll be wowed off your feet any minute now. You were wrong. You walk into the Reception area which can only be compared to the likes of an 80’s hospital waiting room. It just doesn’t fit, it doesn’t make sense, you actually feel like you’ve came to the wrong place as you frantically check the email in which they confirmed their address. Was everything you’d seen before a fraud?

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in Active Office News August 13, 2018

Workwear Through the Ages...

Historical research explains that work uniforms emerged as far back as the middle ages. Workers would wear symbols to indicate who they worked for; and their job role. For instance, royal messengers would wear badges with emblems representing the dignitaries which they served – a bit like the company logos of today. Likewise, merchants, the retailers of years gone by, would wear badges to indicate they were members of a wider trading society by means of guaranteeing a higher quality of goods to their customers.

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in Active Office News August 7, 2018

A Beginner's Guide to VoIP

So, what do we know about Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP for short? In basic terms, VoIP refers to making phone calls over the internet instead of through a traditional phone line. The system works by taking the signals and tones within your voice, then converting them into data which crosses seamlessly across your broadband connection. Dependant on your provider, this means you won’t have to pay for how long your calls are; or even who you’re calling - regardless of where they are in the world, because it’s all included in one seamless phone bundle. Sounds pretty smart, doesn’t it? Well, it is! AND it could save you money too - Bonus! Plus, the person you’re calling doesn’t necessarily need to be using VoIP, the system will convert signals for compatibility with regular telephones too.

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in IT & Document Solutions July 30, 2018

6 Quick Ways to Protect Your Business from Cyber-Crime

Cyber-crime is a threat which businesses of all sizes across the globe can be affected by. These attacks can cost a small business owner over £3,000 during a two-year period, and this does not include any damage to your brand which may have occurred as a result of a breach in your security. Studies show that even though businesses are becoming more educated when it comes to protection again cyber-attacks, they are still one of the biggest worries business owners face. So, we thought we would tell you 6 quick and easy ways to start protecting your business from the cyber baddies out there.

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