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in Active Office News February 20, 2017

Reasons to upgrade your laptop

Getting an upgrade to your work laptop can seem like more hassle than it's worth. There might be sign off required, you’ll need to back up and transfer your files and the thought of potentially having to learn a new operating system can make it seem like a new laptop isn’t worthwhile. However if you’re running on a laptop that’s a few years old then you’re running on an outdated machine. For efficiency, power and enhanced features it’s definitely worth considering upgrading your work laptop. Here are eight reasons why...

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in Active Office News December 1, 2016

12 Days of Christmas

Over the next two weeks, Active Office are running a competition on Facebook which will give away a brilliant prize every day! From champagne to a laptop; from chocolate hampers to cases of wine, there are some fantastic things to be won.

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in Active Office News June 8, 2016

Rise in Ransomware

World Economics Forum named cyber-attacks as one of the top 10 significant risks worldwide. Ransomware is one of the scariest types of cyber-attacks due to the leverage it can have on your business both in terms of privacy and financial loss.

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in Active Office News May 19, 2016

Importance of online marketing for business

Did you know that the average person spends over 30 hours per month on their smartphone or tablet? Did you know that over 35% of that time is spent on social media websites? How do you think that compares with amount of time they are spending reading the newspapers you are paying for print advertising in..?

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