Why the nation loves stationery

Why the nation loves stationery

in Office Supplies & Interiors October 1, 2018

In this age of digital, where children learn how to use a tablet before they learn to use a pen, why do people still have a soft spot for stationery? If you really think about the age we live in, I’m sure it wouldn’t have surprised you if stationery had gone extinct, much like video tapes or typewriters. But surprisingly enough, it lives on - and prospers for that matter. The nation still loves stationery. Whether it be pens, paperclips, post it notes, notebooks, journals or ring binders - stationery brands are seeing a continued growth within the UK. So, we decided to delve into the reasoning behind this, and find out what the real reasons are behind the UK’s stationery obsession.


1. Nostalgia

Everyone remembers how good the 7-week summers were as a child, right? And everyone remembers the feeling of dread having to go back to school afterwards. But, new stationery always seemed to make it all feel a bit better. Whether you took a trip to your local supermarket, or good old Woolworths at the time, buying new stationery was like giving yourself a blank canvas. The last school year was over, and you were making a fresh start, all with the help of your brand-new stationery. Not only that, but notebooks and ‘gel pens’ were probably what you used to confess your undying love for your first crush at the tender age of 8. You’d write it all down then scribble it out so no one could uncover your secrets. There was always something… magical, about stationery as a child.

2. Motivates Creativity

How does a blank piece of paper make you feel compared to a blank computer screen? You can’t deny there is a difference. Buying a new notebook or pen, is sometimes just the motivation you need to jump into your next big project. Let’s think back to school again, the spider diagrams and mind maps which would pave the way to your greatest ideas to date. You were never constrained by what technology would allow you to do digitally. Just think of the concept behind post it notes, and how they encourage creativity. Something comes to you out of the blue and you scribble it down quickly on a post it note then attach to your computer screen. It occasionally stimulates your subconscious, then a week later, maybe even a month or a year later, it all makes sense and you find that master plan you’ve been looking for… all thanks to stationery.

3. Shopping Addiction

This may sound like a silly reason, but believe it or not, there are genuine stationery addicts out there. And let’s be honest, if stationery is what you like to shop for, then the opportunities are endless. It can be mesmerising: the colours, the shapes, textures. Even if you’re not a stationery addict, I’m sure you’ve felt a slight satisfaction when you have a full bunch of highlighters colour co-ordinated on your desk. After all, human beings are known to be natural collectors, taking pride in our collections growing.

4. It Stimulates the Senses 

Although technology has its advantages - and we can see why people choose to type over write - it is argued to lack that genuine human touch. People seem to love stationery because it provides them with something physical that they can hold onto, store and take out to look at later. Human beings have 5 senses and are more in tune with what they are doing when more of these are being used. Stationery can also be used an expression of one’s personality. A bit like the clothing you choose to wear, it sends a silent message to the rest of the world about who you are as a person. And I mean, nothing says “I love cats” more than a notebook covered in feline whiskers at the Monday morning meeting.

Stationery lives on in the hearts of the nation. For everything stationery shop Active Office.