Big Benefits to Bench Desking

Big Benefits to Bench Desking

in Office Supplies & Interiors November 13, 2018

With offices constantly growing and evolving, bench desks have become a popular feature of the modern office in recent years. Bench desks are desks which are attached together to create longer office work spaces. Not only are bench desks usually longer, but employees can usually sit at both sides, encouraging collaboration and promoting maximum flexibility. Although the name may sound confusing, it was actually derived from the idea of bench chairs which are also long and rectangular.


Cost Effective

Due to their ability to join together and share a variety of components, they are found to be much more cost effective than your average desk. Frames, legs and even dividing screens can be shared within one construction giving you more for your money. Also, due to their flexibility, they are much more likely to last you longer as you can edit layouts when and where necessary. Furthermore, as they usually sit next to each other, they can share common resources such as power cables and other equipment, further reducing your costs.

Adaptable to changing business needs 

As discussed, the flexibility bench desking provides gives you the option to move desks, or even add or remove them, depending on the needs of your business. They are also advantageous if you are considering making staffing changes to your company. For example, more people can work at bench desks so there is opportunity to hire more staff where necessary. Or, on the other hand, you may want to give remote working a go with some of your employees, so they won’t need a fixed workspace, just somewhere to plug in a laptop whenever they make a call into the office. Bench desking gives your business the flexibility to be fluid.

Encourages collaboration

Having a larger number of staff members sat around the same area facilitates communication and idea sharing. This can help to engage employees across the company, allowing for a boost in morale and motivation. This is beneficial to projects which require problem solving and brain storming, as two heads are better than one, and 6 heads are better than two!


Due to their popularity in the office environment today, there is a vast amount of variety available in bench desking. You won’t have to stick to just black, white or wood either, you can source many different colours and shapes which will represent your brand accordingly.


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