The Complete Procurement Solution - What's The Benefits?

The Complete Procurement Solution - What's The Benefits?

in IT & Document Solutions January 22, 2019

The Complete Procurement Solution - What's The Benefits?

While your company may have built up relationships with suppliers for different products and services over time, the added admin of maintaining these relationships could be costing your business precious time and money. Procurement is a word which is used heavily in business today, but in basic terms, procurement is acquiring a good or service. Procurement is mentioned more and more today due to the increasing number of ‘procurement specialists’, whose main task is to find ways of saving companies’ money. Their key way of doing so is finding ways to consolidate the procurement process by reducing the number of suppliers a company uses, while also maximising discounts by taking advantage of multiservice offerings.

This is where multiservice providers like Active Office can offer a specialist service which allows customers to consolidate their business spending into one manageable invoice with maximum discounts and reporting visibility. So, let’s look at the benefits of a complete procurement solution in more detail.

It Saves Time and Increases Efficiency 

Firstly, a complete procurement solution saves you time and increases the efficiency of your business. Just think about the process of ordering from multiple suppliers. Not only do you need to contact each and every one to place your order, whether that be by logging in online, over the phone or by email. You then also need to receive them and arrange for payment of invoices for each and every one. So instead of having to log into one online account, or make one phone call, or send one email, you’ll find yourself making dozens! By using a complete procurement solution, you’ll reduce yourself down to one invoice, from one supplier, drastically decreasing your admin process and injecting a whole lot of time back into your business.

It Positively Impacts the Environment

Not only is it quite inconvenient having your day interrupted by multiple deliveries from multiple suppliers, it also doesn’t do the environment much good either. For every delivery reaching your office, there has been a whole load of fuel, energy and paper used to get that delivery to you. By reducing the amount of suppliers you use, you directly influence your business’s carbon footprint and the impact it has on the environment.

It Saves Money 

Finally, having a complete procurement solution is going to save you money, and isn’t it better in your pocket than someone else’s? Some argue that companies could be wasting up to 30% of their expenditure on procuring from multiple product and service providers. Now that’s a statistic that surely can’t just be brushed under the carpet and ignored. With each added product and service you procure from a multiservice provider, you’re more likely to benefit from better deals with higher discounts. Similarly, your likely to see a decrease in admin costs, as firstly, you’ll need less man hours to process multiple invoices, and also fewer basic supplies like paper and cartridges to file them. 


If you haven’t yet considered a complete procurement solution for your business then it’s clear you could be losing out. To find out more about Active Office’s complete procurement service, contact us today and take the first step in refining the expenditure of your business.