1.05 billion reasons to choose a Samsung photocopier from Active Office

1.05 billion reasons to choose a Samsung photocopier from Active Office

in Print & Digital Media September 14, 2016

When Active Office went to the market in search of a new range of photocopier, we wanted to work with a company who were looking to change the landscape. We wanted to add products to our range from a company who were willing to scrap the blueprint of the traditional photocopier and almost reinvent it.

Samsung Print has been the first company to innovate in this market for decades. They’ve built their printers from scratch and generated over $1.4 billion in revenue last year alone. The new multi-function devices boast over 6500 new patents and a team of nearly 1300 staff are responsible for developing a range of machines that they hope will, among a great many things, alleviate the frustration of broken copiers.

Photocopiers are complicated machines with many replaceable parts which rely on high quality maintenance and servicing.

Active Office will continue to provide exemplar servicing and support from its photocopier maintenance division, ensuring the current machines run smoothly, but what if our new range offered its own solutions? Many of the most common faults don’t require an expert but often it takes an expert to point this out.

Samsung copiers are controlled from android tablets and one of the key features is its diagnosis and troubleshooting tool. Simply select the tool and it will diagnose what the issue is, once identified you will be presented with video guides and instructions on how to easily resolve the problem. This alone will help increase productivity and that’s before even mentioning the stats they say will help you work 2x quicker!

Hewlett Packard, like Active Office, recognised that Samsung offered a ‘formidable portfolio’ of multi-function printers and have just this week paid $1.05 billion for their printer business. They saw what we saw, an innovative company, willing to rewrite the rules of photocopying in order to provide the customer with a product fit for today and built to work. 

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