Should you send Corporate Christmas Cards?

Should you send Corporate Christmas Cards?

in Active Office News November 16, 2015

There's no denying that the festive season is on its way.  We've already got orders for designing and printing seasonal greetings cards for some local companies, and it got us thinking - what are the do's and don'ts for sending 'holiday cheer' to your customers and prospects?  Here's what we came up with:

1.  Go snail mail

Not everyone's budget can stretch to sending 'real' holiday cards via the post, but it's worth it if you can.  Emails go to a single person, and can easily deleted by mistake or get caught in the spam filter.  Physical cards leave a lasting impression and are seen by more people.

2. Sign it

If you do send real cards, even if the message is pre-printed, take the time to sign them.  For the bigger clients or prospects you can add a note for a personal touch.  One hour to tackle all the cards will add an immense amount of value to the whole project.

3. Keep it corporate

Not all of your clients will be of the same religion as you, and not all enjoy the holiday season.  So keep it corporate with a generic, classy design and 'happy holidays' or 'season's Greetings' type message.  Avoid humour (unless it's key to your brand) or anything too personal (no love hearts or 'xo' please!).

4.  Make it clear

Signing 'From David' won't help the recipient work out who it's from as they are unlikely to recognise your handwriting!  So remember to include your company name at the bottom, and resist the urge to include a business card - it's marketing, but it's not supposed to look like marketing!

5. Don't leave it too late

Not every business will be open throughout December so ensure your cards land on desks nice and early in December so someone is there to receive it!

If you need help with cards or design this year, contact our print and design team.