Office Furniture Revolution

Office Furniture Revolution

in Active Office News July 17, 2018

Why standing? Why now?

The rise of the internet and continued changes in technology have totally transformed what we do in the office. Workforces have knowledge at their fingertips: whether this be through a mobile phone, laptop or tablet. Positive in some ways; but somewhat negative in others. One of the main negative impacts has been on the health of office workers. We no longer have to stand up and walk over to our colleagues to discuss plans, ideas or tasks. With a simple email or WhatsApp message, staff can share a wealth of information in seconds! As a result, the NHS state that the majority of adults in the UK spend over seven hours sitting every day. Worryingly, this can increase to over 10 hours as we age. That’s almost half your day! An article by The Guardian suggests that “sitting is the new smoking”, and people are becoming more and more conscious of how much of their day is taken up at their desk.

BREAKTHROUGH – the revolutionary sit-stand desk!

A reduced risk of diabetes, cancer and obesity are just a few of the reasons why standing desks are becoming all the rage in the business world. According to the NHS, there is not enough evidence to recommend a specific time limit on sitting each day, making standing desks even more lucrative due to their effective ability to be adjusted vertically with ease. Some have even taken this trend one step further: creating ‘treadmill desks’ and ‘cycle desks’ - we think this may be one step on the treadmill too far, but each to their own.

Research shows that sit-stand desks reduce sitting by between 30–120 minutes per day. This can play a role in promoting a healthier more active lifestyle overall. Moreover, by combining standing with exercise, the life expectancy of staff could also be increased - which sounds pretty good to us! This reduction in sedentary behaviour has also been argued to improve the productivity in the workplace. So it seems like these sit-stand desks have the full package: good for the employer; and the employee!

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