Making a 2016 Marketing Plan

Making a 2016 Marketing Plan

in Active Office News January 18, 2016

New Year, new opportunities. Start your year with a marketing plan that outlines your goals and the marketing strategies you plan to use to achieve them.

A marketing plan will help keep you focused during 2016, and make sure that you seize all the opportunities and maximise your budget. The first step is looking back at 2015’s efforts and results. Once you have a clear idea of what has worked, you can plan more successful campaigns for the next year.

Consider how effective the marketing activities you carried out in 2015 were, and be honest with yourself about if they achieved the results they should have. Go through the budget split and see if you need to reallocated funds for the year ahead.

Write a Plan
A marketing plan is a written document that will keep you organised and focused as you start the work. Don’t see it as a bureaucratic exercise – it’s a really important step in planning to succeed! Use it to identify all the potential components in your marketing for the year ahead, their goals and their budget allocation.

Be Flexible
Being able to change and adapt an annual marketing plan throughout the year is important. Your business, market and even demographics could shift within 12months and you need to shift with them.

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